How to straighten Kanekalon hair


When you’ve got yourself Kanekalon hair, or any other type of synthetic hair that can handle heat, then sometimes you might want to change the style of them. Here’s our guide how to make your new Kanekalon hair from curly/wavy to straight.

You’ll need:

  • A flat ironer
  • A sectioning comb

Brushing Kanekalon hair

We don’t recommend using a comb or brush to comb the hair. To get them smooth and silky, use your own finger to comb trough the hair first. This way you’ll avoid any unwanted tangles and knots.

Sectioning Kanekalon hair

Take the sectioning comb or your fingers, and separate a small section from the hair. If it’s too big, you might have some complications, on our case we used small sections.


Straightening Kanekalon hair

Take your flat ironer and set it on the lowest heat – Kanekalon hair can take up to 370F of heat, but by using the lowest heat on them you’d be reducing any heat damage.


Put the straightener onto the hair and slide them down while applying the heat like on the photo below.


And lastly, here’s the before and after photo.



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