Kanekalon hair and micro link hair extensions

If you’ve ever had hair extensions then you most likely know how it feels to have soft, long hair that feel much thicker than your own. Even with a beautiful weave that has Kanekalon hair in it you can achieve a natural look

But why isn’t it a good idea to get permanent Kanekalon hair extensions?

Micro link hair extension and Kanekalon hair

Of course it’s possible to apply Kanekalon hair extensions as micro link extensions, but as the extensions are not made of real human hair it will start to tangle and not look natural after a short time of use. You can read more about real human micro link hair extensions here.

Keratin hair extensions and Kanekalon hair

While keratin hair extensions are much healthier for your hair than micro link hair extensions are, it’s still not a good idea to have kanekalon hair being attacthed to your own hair with kerating hair extensions. The reason behind this is the same as with micro link hair extensions – kanekalon hair can get extremely messy and are meant to be braided, not left in your hair loose.

Tape hair extensions and Kanekalon hair

With this we have to let you down right away – they don’t make tape hair extensions of Kanekalon hair. But let’s imagine what would happen if they did actually exist and you would have an option to wear kanekalon hair as tape hair extensions. Most likely the outcome would be a total mess, as the hair would get tangled and fuzzy over a few days, despite all the care and styling you’d put into it.

What are Kanekalon hair for

Basically Kanekalon hair are meant for bulk-braiding, for thicker, more coarse hair. But of course you can use them for fine hair and other hair types, depending on the outcome you’re looking for.  Kanekalon has also wigs made out of the hair they sell, which look and feel very natural. You’ve got a wide variety of choices, so choose the option you like best!

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