The best Kanekalon hair

Hair have always been used as an accessory to boost your looks and give you a personality, they can make you look approachable or then send people walking the other direction. A lot of people have taken using hair for beauty to the next level, which means using products to add length or volume, or change the colour perhaps.

Now, while there’s several types of hair extensions to choose from, there’s only two types of hair out there. There’s the natural hair, and synthetic hair. Natural hair extensions will cost you a fortune, doesn’t matter if they’re clip in hair extensions, or pre bonded. They will cost a lot because they were once another person’s hair!

When you choose to try out synthetic hair, then look specifically for Kanekalon hair. Kanekalon is the top seller and also maker of hair extensions. They’re favoured all around the world, because the hair that Kanekalon produces is synthetic, yet it looks human. The shine, the texture and feel, it’s exactly like your own hair would be. While Kanekalon website does not sell hair directly to the users, they do make them and sell them to people who sell them forward to people like you and I. You can look around and find several different types of Kanekalon hair extensions out there.

Kanekalon hair extensions

When you want to get yourself some classy looking hair extensions, then firstly make sure what kind of look do you want to achieve. You could choose the Kanekalon ponytail hair extensions, which is a one-piece weft set, that gets tied around your own ponytail – it doesn’t matter how long or short your own hair are – and all of a sudden you have a lovely, long ponytail that looks like your own hair.

You could also get braids, when your natural hair texture is curly and difficult to manage. Just section your hair into small sections, and braid them with the Kanekalon bulk hair. You’ll have absolutely stunning, gorgeous braids within a few hours. This is also one of the most favoured hairstyles with Kanekalon hair. And don’t stop there, the styles are endless that you can try. As an example you can make senegalese twists, Havana twists, Box braids or kinky twists. The limitation is your own imagination.

Kanekalon hair textures

When choosing hair extensions you must consider the texture and colour of the hair extensions you’re getting. Texture of the hair varies from kinky, curly to extremely straight. Here are some popular textures of hair extensions.

  • Wet and wavy texture – these hair fibres comprise of wavy and wet look texture.
  • European – These hair extensions are straight and have a little wavy texture.
  • Silky straight – these fibres are extremely straight.
  • Yaki – these hair extensions are pretty straight like afro Caribbean hairs.
  • Deep wave – this type of extensions have wavy hairs like spiral curls.

These are the main textures that you can find. You can choose the hair depending on which one do you like more and make them match to your personality. You can also have fun with them and mix the textures. Kanekalon hair extensions feel soft and lighter than natural hair extensions.