Twists with Kanekalon Hair

Hair extensions is a big businesses as more people have been using the extensions to change their look. Many debate over whether to choose synthetic hair or natural hair. While some people who have hair extensions don’t care about the quality and care of the hair they’re wearing, others are are concerned about the problems caused by hair extensions. Kanekalon hair has been in this business for a good while now, supplying lighter and softer synthetic hair extensions for the buyers. Kanekalon hair is machine made hair that has human hair characteristics by texture, feel and look. The hair is made with collagen protein to make it moisture rich and shine like real human hair.

Can you curl Kanekalon hair

Kanekalon hair are superior when it comes to styling. When you buy synthetic hair, you MUST make sure that they’re heat tolerant, so you could curl them or straighten them as you wish. If you fail to check that box, your hair could melt between the straighter because they are not heat resistant. But Kanekalon hair is heat tolerant, up to 370 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can curl them, straighten them, curl them again and so on! The list is endless, because Kanekalon hair is nothing like human hair, the heat damage you put on them is not going to damage them the same way that you could damage your own hair with a flat ironer.

Straightening Kanekalon hair

Straightening isn’t a problem with Kanekalon hair. Kanekalon wigs, hair extensions and braiding hair can be very easily straightened, even when you don’t have a heat protection spray.

Is Kanekalon hair human

Kanekalon hair is made of synthetic fibres, which makes it synthetic hair. It’s a sort of plastic, but mixed with other harmless chemicals that make it as flowing and thin as a normal human hair would be. This is why Kanekalon hair looks and feels just like your own natural hair.

Why choose synthetic hair over real human hair

When someone decides on getting hair extensions, they may be confused on which product to choose as there’s a long list of attaching styles and quality types. Here’s a few reasons why to choose synthetic hair over human hair:

  • Real human hair can look and feel better than synthetic alternatives. But real human hair extensions are expensive and require lot of maintenance.
  • Synthetic hair extensions seems more fitting to women who don’t want to use the hair of other people.
  • Synthetic hair is less expensive and anyone can easily afford it.

Cheap synthetic products look terrible and make harder for you to style the hair. When it comes to buying synthetic hair extensions, people have to be very careful in choosing the best quality product. You should consider buying Kanekalon hair extensions as they are made of high quality fibres. They are smooth and silky, just like natural hair are plus there’s a wide range of colours to choose from. Kanekalon products are recognized as high quality and heat friendly synthetic hair in the industry. The consistent heat resistance of the synthetic fibers enable latest’s style forward women to create and change their hairstyles they dream of.